Grill fish

Grill fish

Feel free to use a grill thermometer when grilling.
If the embers are too hot, the fish will burn on the surface.
Whole fish is preferably grilled indirectly on a wire rack.

Grill with grill grid
Choose a fatty fish fillet with firm meat that sticks together and does not get dry, eg salmon.
Place the room temperature filet in the clean and oiled neck. Wait for the glow to be nice,
it should be gray. Put on the fish and turn when the edges are opaque and white.
Pay attention and keep an eye out, the fish will be ready quickly. The fish is ready when it is opaque and the salmon flesh pale pink. Finished temperature is 56 degrees.
Tip! If you do not have a grill thermometer, you can use a potato masher. If the stick goes through easily and feels hot against the inside of the wrist, the fish is ready.

Grill indirectly on grilles
Choose a whole oily fish or a thick fillet.
Put charcoal on one side of the grill and place the fish with the skin side down, first directly above the embers. After one minute, turn the grill so that the fish is next to the embers. Put the lid on, now the fish is grilled indirectly. After about 15-20 minutes, the fish is ready. If you use a grill thermometer, place it at the backbone of the thickest part of the fish. Finished temperature is about 56 degrees.
Tip! Place a sheet of foil as extra protection between the fish and the grill. Do not wrap the fish in the foil, as the fine grill taste will disappear.

Grill with grill grid
Clean and cut the skin of the whole fish so that it does not contract.
Cut a stick completely clean from bark. Wait for embers. Do not grill over the flames.
Grill 4-5 minutes on each side.
Tip! Let the fish taste come out and season only with salt and pepper.
Other suitable flavors are lemon, garlic, dill, fresh herbs or chili.
If you want to grill lean fish, a marinade or oil is almost a must. Brush on while the fish is on the grill.

Grill fish in foil
Both oily and lean fish fit here.
Put a dollop of butter in the foil package together with fish, potatoes, tomato, onion or whatever you want. Fennel gives a nice taste. Close the package and place on the grill. Wait 10-15 minutes. Fish and vegetables are steamed in this way and become very juicy.

For fatty fish, a light lager, an ale or a full-bodied tasty white wine is suitable. For lean fish, a lighter red wine can be served with advantage. To make the acid more marked and the taste less alcoholic, the wine can be cooled for about an hour to 14-16 degrees.example