All products are made from wild-caught fish caught at sea by our fishermen. The catches are landed, prepared and refined by hand in our own kitchen.
All fish are smoked in wood-fired smoke. Our recipes are largely classic and typical of Norrland. We also develop our own recipes and like to try new flavors.


Fish - according to season and availability

Wild-caught salmon whole and fillet, whitefish, perch, whitefish fillet, perch fillet, baltic herring, whitefish.

Rökt sik

Smoked & digged

Smoked whitefish, pickled salmon, Suova salmon (grave smoked salmon), hot smoked pepper salmon and chili salmon.

Inlagd strömming

Pickles of whitefish and baltic herring

Roll baltic herring, vinegar baltic herring, mustard pickled baltic herring, juniper whitefish, onion baltic herring etc.

Rökt majonnäs

Sauce & stir

Gravel salmon sauce, limea aioli, lemon and dill mayonnaise, smoked mayonnaise, old man stir-fry, smoked whitefish stir-fry, gravlax stir-fry etc.