FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

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What opening hours do you have?

Från 22/12 -23: Vinteruppehåll. Stängt.
See you in the spring!

Can people with reduced mobility visit you?

Yes, there is a ramp to the farm shop. There is no lift to the fishing museum.

Can you buy your products in other stores?

Our products are sold directly to consumers in our farm shop or from our fish cart at various markets and fairs. 

Säljer ni skaldjur?

No. We do not sell seafood, farmed fish or other seafood. 

Do you have a restaurant?

No. We sell prepackaged food and sandwiches - take away - over the counter during the summer, June - August. The customer can choose to bring the food or eat on our pier. Hot dishes are heated by the customer himself in the microwave on the pier. Soft drinks, local beer, coffee and ice cream are available for sale in the farm shop.

Får man ta med sig hunden ut på bryggan?

Nej. Vi värnar om alla kunders trivsel och tillåter inte hundar på bryggorna.

Are there toilets?

Yes, in the fishing museum upstairs there is a customer toilet. There is no disabled toilet.

Can you book a table with you?

No. Seating on the bridge (tables and benches) can not be booked.

At which markets, fairs etc. can you shop?

At Bondens Egen Marknad every autumn and at Gammlia Christmas Market in december.

Finns kundparkering i anslutning till butiken?

Parking in front of the private residences next to the Salteriet is prohibited as well as in front of the Salteriet. There are a few parking spaces 20 meters from the Salteriet marked "Customer parking". A larger parking area marked "Free parking" is 100 meters from the Salteriet next to the salmon traps.