All products are made from wild-caught fish caught at sea by our fishermen. The catches are landed, prepared and refined by hand in our own kitchen.
All fish is smoked in wood-fired smoke. Our recipes are largely classic with a local connection. We also develop our own recipes and try new flavor combinations.


Fish - according to season and availability

Wild-caught salmon (Salmo salar) whole and fillet, whitefish (Coregonus lavaretus), perch (Perca fluviatilis), whitefish fillet, perch fillet, sturgeon (Clupea harengus), whitefish.

Smoked & digged

Smoked whitefish, pickled salmon, Suova salmon (grave smoked salmon), hot smoked pepper salmon and chili salmon.

Pickles of whitefish and baltic herring

For our pickled fish, we use Baltic herring and whitefish instead of herring. Classic Rullströmming and Ättiksströmming, Bosses candy strömming, Mustard-graved strömming, etc. Juniper whitefish and Rose whitefish are examples of pickled whitefish.

Rökt majonnäs

Sauce & stir

Homemade mayonnaise with different flavorings, smoked garlic mayonnaise and gravlax sauce. Gubbröra, various messes of dug or smoked salmon/smoked whitefish.